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Your home should make your life easier, and we offer cabinets designed to do just that. Our cabinets are completely customized to fit exactly what you need, with endless options. Give us a call or come visit us in the store and let us help you get started.

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Founded in 1971, Pluswood Distributors is the Midwest’s leading to-the-trade designer and cabinet distributor, specializing in a wide range of cabinet brands, products, and materials to our partners across Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. 

Cabinet Photo Gallery

pluswood armchair.jpeg
Style: Tuscany                 Wood: Cherry               Finish:Autumn
Style: Verano                   Wood: Cherry                   Finish: Java
Style:    Rainer               Wood: Cherry              Finish: Burgundy
Style:Rainier                 Wood: Maple              Finish: Terrain
Style:                 Wood:              Finish:
Style:                 Wood:              Finish:
Style: Lawry                 Wood: Maple              Finish: Aloe
Style: Jordan 5 Piece           Wood: Cherry          Finish: Chestnut
Style: Heritage                Wood: Hickory              Finish: Natural
Style: Heartland                Wood: Oak             Finish: Sable
Style: Heartland                Wood: Cherry             Finish: Cinnamon
Style: Dover                Wood: Hickory             Finish: Terrain
Style: Harbour Court                 Wood:              Finish: White
Style: Brenner                 Wood: Maple              Finish: Willow
Style: Bayport                 Wood: Thermofoil             Finish: White
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